Bonding Basics: Moments Made Memorable

    Published on Dec 01 2015

    It’s always great to see different generations of a family bonding. Try going down memory lane. Go through photos together. Those memories and images of the family getting together with the youngest kids getting to spend time with their grandparents should make you feel warm and good all over. It is in those intimate moments that good values are taught and the family’s history gets passed down.

    Here are some tips on how kids and their elders can bond and make great memories together:

    Stay in Touch
    Today’s technology can allow you to bond easily. Don’t fret about the grandparents; they’re more open to learning how to use gadgets than you think! Just remember to be patient and help them out until they get used to it. Think about the possibilities, like streaming your little one’s first steps online!

    Have F-U-N
    Having elders around is a great way for kids to learn proper decorum and good manners, but don’t let it stop there. Get your kids to see their grandparents as more than just a cheek to kiss or a hand to hold. Was your mom a great hula dancer? Is your dad still crazy about toy planes? Share these memories with your children to make their relationship deeper and more personal.

    Collect Stories
    Better than fairy tales, your family’s adventures are one of the greatest treasures you can share with your kids. Although there’s nothing like Lolo or Lola sharing their personal stories and memories, writing them down and having them read about them works well too. You can share it with the whole clan and even turn it into a project for the kids to interview their elders so that more stories get added to the family journal every year.

    Share a Meal
    Sitting around a table and seeing your family complete is always a great way to bond. Try scheduling lunch at your home or your parents on a Sunday. Each house can take turn cooking and trying out old and new recipes to have the family eating, talking, and laughing together. Warm up their hearts and tummies with a piping hot bowl of Pochero. Try this delicious and healthy version from Del Monte Kitchenomics.

    Remember that you can always check for new recipes to cook here. Enjoy!