Bring The Fun Indoors, Kids!

    Published on Jul 28 2016

    While kids may resist the idea of staying indoors to play, there are ways to keep it fun without turning to gadgets. With these five enjoyable indoor activities, kids are kept busy with creating, playing, and even helping around the house.

    Give them a try the next time they feel all cooped up inside:

    Bring in the outdoor games.
    A lot of popular outdoor games can be modified for indoor play. Scavenger Hunt is the most popularly modified, but tag or habulan can be played like Marco Polo style to slow down and avoid indoor accidents. If in doubt, Hide and Seek is a sure hit that makes use of every nook and cranny around the home.

    Stage plays.
    Raise little Shakespeares by giving them a box full of old clothes and toys and letting them stage improvised plays. They can even use family members or their loved toys as “special guest stars”! It's a joy to see them create a whole new world, and it's guaranteed fun for everyone.

    Stack up kid-friendly books and create a reading corner for them. Introduce the idea of reading for fun, and not any of the books required for school. The idea can be expanded with post-reading activities such as a reading journal or creative writing projects like illustrating scenes or having them make their own stories for you and other family members to read.

    Clean up: the game.
    This is tricky as it requires not letting the kids know you're making them work. Have them pick up around the house by giving points or small prizes for every assigned “task”. For example, time and see how much clutter they can put back in their correct place on the shelf, or have them sweep up the room. They have fun, a place gets cleaned up, everyone wins.

    Be a mini chef.
    This is definitely a perfect time to teach your kids to cook. Involve them in the process from preparing the ingredients to cooking to presenting to storing them. Just make sure they're always using the tools the safe to prevent any accidents from happening. Letting them be chefs in their own home, they'll be more open to eating even more food and who knows, they might actually grow up to become professional chefs!

    As much as it is fun to play outside, best to keep them inside so they can stay healthy and not catch any fever or flu! Take this opportunity to prove to the kids that being stuck inside the house is not a bad thing. Show them that the rainy season and staying indoors is a wonderful opportunity for them to learn something new!

    With these fun activities, your kids will discover that staying indoors can also be enjoyable.