Celebrate International Pineapple Day

    Published on Jul 04 2017

    Pineapple is a sweet and tasty fruit that we love to eat. Aside from being a yummy snack or ingredient in a recipe, it is packed with health benefits that provide support to your immune system, strengthens your bones, and may help in energy production and stamina. Did you know that June 27 is celebrated annually as "International Pineapple Day"?

    Now's the perfect chance to gather everyone together for some fun activities in celebration of this wonder fruit!

    Surprise your Family and Friends with a Pina-Level Up! Dish

    Channel your creative juices by cooking your family's favorite recipe-- with a pineapple twist.

    By simply adding Del Monte Pineapple to your everyday ulam, your kids will surely enjoy its sweet taste and healthful benefits. See how they like this Chicken Sisig.

    For a more colorful dinner with the family, you can try preparing Tuna Piña A La Pobre that's guaranteed to make everyone smile.

    This dish owes that sweet-tangy taste to the Del Monte Pineapple Slices.

    Host a Pineapple-themed Party for Kids

    Gather the children and their friends for a fruity surprise: a pineapple-themed costume party! Preparing the decorations and favors can also be a bonding activity that you can enjoy with your kids.

    Of course, the party will not be complete without tasty and fun snacks. Pineapple can be an instant favorite to add color and sweetness to your dishes. You can make the following snacks to liven up your pineapple party:

    Chicken Sandwich Supreme

    It is your delicious chicken sandwich, made even better by Del Monte Crushed Pineapple.

    You can also make it refreshing for your guests with the creamy, icy, sweet-tangy Pineapple Milkshake made with Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits.

    For dessert, send those taste buds soaring with Pineapple Chunks with Salted Caramel Sauce!

    Pineapple joins the salted caramel craze with this simple yet delectable dessert that makes use of Del Monte Pineapple Chunks. It's so easy to prepare and is the perfect sweet ending to your meal!

    Happy Pineapple Day to you and your family, from Del Monte Kitchenomics!

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