Create A Healthier Kitchen!

    Published on Aug 21 2016

    Switching to a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy diet can be very challenging. This is specially true if you're used to doing things a certain way in the past. But there are some things that you can do to help you along the path to a healthier lifestyle. In this list, we look at a few kitchen hacks and tricks to help you build healthy eating habits:

    Keep a printed menu and diet plan.
    Having a game plan is one of the most effective ways of keeping true to the path of healthy and clean living. Print out your menu for the week and keep it somewhere in the kitchen where you can constantly read it. This will help encourage you to keep living a healthy lifestyle.

    If you haven't done one yet, visit Del Monte Kitchenomics' Meal Planner and start planning your week!

    Switch to healthier alternatives.
    We don't have to completely abandon our old favorites just because they have unhealthy ingredients. Switching out these ingredients for healthier alternatives allows us to still indulge in our favorite foods. 

    Leave healthy snacks around.
    Snacking is the number one reason most people fail in maintaining a healthy diet. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves but give in to our favorite snacks. A great hack for this is to leave healthy snacks lying around the house (especially the kitchen) to satisfy cravings. Suggested snacks include a plate of nuts (almonds and cashew), fruits, and nut bars.

    Have fruits for dessert.
    For sweet tooths out there, their weaknesses isn't with main meals, but with what comes right after. Desserts are the bane of healthy living, and it can possibly ruin our healthy diet. One hack for this is to have fruits as an alternative for after-meal sweet cravings. If you have a favorite fruit, make sure you have a lot of it available. Better yet, try this healthy, fruity recipe after dinner.

    Stock up on healthy juices.
    In most cases, when we get thirsty, we raid the fridge for something cold and sweet to quench our thirst. This is where we get into trouble and fall into the trap of soda or ice cream. We can curb this by stocking up our fridge with healthier drinks and juices such as Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Juice Drinks or Del Monte Juice Drinks.

    With these simple but effective kitchen hacks, you can make sure that you'll be able to cook and eat your way to a healthier lifestyle!

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