Healthier Ingredient Substitutions You Never Thought to Try

    Published on Dec 19 2016

    There is a misconception that eating healthy means imposing a lot of restrictions on one's diet.

    Fortunately, Life Gets Better came up with this substitution guide where you can still indulge in your much-loved dishes by replacing unhealthy ingredients with simpler and healthier alternatives. Check out the infographic below for ideas on how to use healthier ingredient substitutions for our favorite recipes:

    As you can tell, most of these substitutes are healthier alternatives to the ingredients that we often use for our favorite meals. It may take a few tries before we can get the right mix and taste as close to the original recipe, but using these simple alternatives makes these meals healthier and better for our diet. With these healthier alternatives, we can enjoy our favorite meals and nourish our bodies better.

    Check out Del Monte Kitchenomics to see which of these simple and healthy substitutions you can use for your recipe.