Healthy One-Pot Recipes to try at Home

    Published on Jul 28 2016

    One-pot meals are fast becoming popular because they’re so easy to make. An assortment of ingredients are layered and combined to create one delightful medley of flavors and texture. Nursed over low heat, you’re sure to have an enjoyable, hearty meal without the hassle. Let’s take a look at these one-pot recipes that you can try at home:

    One Pot Chicken Pastel
    This pasta dish can be prepared in minimal time and with minimal effort. Pastels are traditional Latin American dishes, and this chicken pastel is an appetizing pasta dish the entire family will surely enjoy.

    Tom Yum Goong
    Tom Yum Goong is a traditional Thai soup dish, which literally means boiling and spicy. The Tom Yum has a very distinct taste made up of succulent seafood (shrimp and mussels) mixed with hot, sour, and spicy flavors that come together nicely in a tangy broth.

    One Pot Chicken Biryani
    This delicious and meaty meal will make your mouth water as you bite into the traditional Indian flavors of the fragrant blend of chicken, rice, and curry mix.

    Del Monte Red Sinampalukang Manok
    This is another classic Filipino dish that combines the flavors of local spices (peppers, ginger and onions) into a fragrant and delicious chicken dish. Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce gives this dish an extra kick in color and flavor.

    Japanese Curry
    This delectable pork dish can be done easily thanks to Del Monte Quick 'n Easy Curry Mix. It combines your favorite meat with vegetables and the curry mix for that savory and hearty dish!

    These delicious and warm meals are perfect as comforting home-cooked food for your family. Try these for dinner this week!