Kitchen Tools and Equipment

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    When it comes to setting up a fully functional kitchen, you need to consider a lot of things: What kinds of pots do I need? What tools are the most essential? What electric appliances should I have?

    When you are stocking your kitchen, the tools you need depend mostly on how and what you cook most frequently. The most basic kitchen will have the following equipment:

    Once you've already gotten used to the basic tools and equipment, you can think about expanding your kitchen tools in order to be more versatile in the kitchen. These tools fall into these four general categories:

    1. Hand Tools
    2. Knives
    3. Measuring and Portioning Devices
    4. Cookware

    These kitchen tools are used in cutting, shaping, moving, or combining foods.

    Considered as the most important tool in the kitchen, a sharp knife can help you accomplish a number of tasks quicker and more efficiently than any machine.

    These tools are used to make sure recipe ingredients are measured precisely and accurately, which is particularly important for certain recipes such as baking. This is also to ensure portion sizes and costs are under control. Measurements are determined in many different ways – liquid and dry volume measurements, weight, and temperature.

    Using proper cookware in the kitchen will not only cook food more evenly, it will also reduce cooking times and consume less energy in the process.