Make Your Balikbayan Family More Excited to Come Home

    Published on Dec 16 2016

    Christmas is near, and for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are planning to come home to the Philippines for the holidays, the level of excitement is already high.

    These balikbayans just can't wait to come home. They've been buying gifts and pasalubong for family and friends after being away for such a long time. Day by day, they gladly cross out the date on the calendar hoping that tomorrow is the day they fly home.

    For the families that eagerly wait for their balikbayans coming home, the excitement is the same. Finally, they will get to see their beloved who's been away for quite some time. And to make this homecoming extra special, we have come up with a few ideas for you to try.

    The Magic of Communication.
    There are so many online chat and message apps which you can use nowadays to express your excitement in seeing your family back home. Let lolo, lola and even the little ones join in on the fun by encouraging them to send messages every day. A simple hi or hello goes a long way in brightening up someone's day.

    Home Sweet Home.
    Be ready to welcome your balikbayans back home with a clean house. Go the extra mile and conduct a weekend cleaning session involving everyone, even the kids. Spruce up your place by changing the curtains and linens, scrubbing the floor and making the kitchen look spanking new. And don’t forget to put up his photo or a nice family picture along with some Holiday décor to add that festive feel to the house. All your efforts will be worth it when your special someone shows his appreciation.

    The Grand Homecoming.
    OFWs are only allowed short vacation leaves so it's better to plan ahead for a family reunion at home. He will surely appreciate the idea of seeing his other relatives after being away for such a long time. It's also a good idea to schedule other days for family get togethers so that he will still have time to bond with his immediate family before meeting other family members and friends.

    Get the VIP treatment!
    You already know what his favorite meal is so you better cook that classic Pinoy recipe when he gets home. Home-cooked meals like menudo, tinola, kare-kare and morcon are just a few of the dishes often missed by OFWs when they are away from home. Classic dishes like these bring back special memories, of happy moments spent with the family that's why balikbayans often ask that their moms or spouses cook their favorite dishes upon their return.

    The Perfect Gift.
    Lastly, create a special memento that your balikbayan can bring with him when he goes back abroad. A photo collage, family album or a keepsake like a personalized blanket with messages are just a few ideas to lessen his loneliness while he's away. And while he’s at home, make every moment count and show him that you treasure your days together.