Not Your Usual Family Activity

    Published on Dec 05 2015

    What's a favorite family activity? If you've answered E-A-T-I-N-G, then your family is no different from the many others who use food trips as a great time for bonding. But why not take it a notch higher so you encourage each member to get active and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Here are a few things you can try:

    A family that cooks together...
    Can actually stay in shape together. Turn your usual trip to the supermarket into an energizing activity by parking further away and walking the extra distance. Once in the kitchen, keep the movement going! Chop, peel, beat, wash, stir, set, and serve your recipes. You and your family may not break out into a sweat, but this is a great and low-impact way of getting active and keeping your family from parking in front of the television!

    Start your family early
    For families with young children, the best way to encourage them to get active is to lead by example. Build physical activity around your family's daily routine and make sure you make them enjoyable. Activities like walking the dog in the park, playing “bring me” when you want them to help you tidy their rooms, and even helping with the car washing can be lots of fun. Not only do you stop your family from being sedentary, they are also being taught to be mom and dad's little helpers.

    Blast from the past activities
    Take the family dancing! Show your children the moves of your era, then learn the steps of their time. This is fun guaranteed! It's more fun teaching children games our grandparents taught us! Revive the patintero, tumbang preso, sipa, hula-hoop, and the list goes on! Unglue them from computer games and introduce healthier, more interactive play times.

    Beyond just physical activity
    Activities vary according to age groups so it is important for parents to make sure that their children enjoy and like what they are doing. While others take to physical activities, some prefer mental ones. Get the minds actively involved while making the rounds of libraries, bookstores, and book fairs. For the creative ones, head off to museums, arts and crafts fairs, and outdoor shows that combine physical and mental activities like kite flying competitions.

    There's really no room for couch potatoes. And there's no room for boredom in a home where parents actively lead by example. So walk, run, swim, play, work, browse, shop, cook, clean, spin, boogie! Walk the dog, wash the car, vacuum the carpet, or get to the supermarket! There's plenty of ways to get going with a healthy family. Sleep well, laugh together and eat right. Visit sites like Del Monte Kitchenomics to help you plan out the perfect meals for your energetic family. With a bit of work, you'll realize that it's never too late to start getting active with your family.