Piña-Level Up Proudly Pinoy Dishes

It is the most awaited celebration in June for every Filipino! Celebrate Independence Day with your family and cook up a feast in the kitchen with your favorite Pinoy dishes piña-level up with Del Monte Pineapple!

We list down our top five delicious and simple recipes from Del Monte Kitchenomics for an amazing festive spread with the whole family:

Adobong Liempo
Adding pineapple chunks to this classic pork belly dish adds new flavor and gives it a more festive appearance when you add pineapples to it.

Chicken Adobo with Pineapples
Every Filipino household has their own version of this classic dish. Here's a delicious new way to cook adobo!

Piña Bistek
Give this classic dish a sweet upgrade by simply adding pineapple tidbits to it. Definitely a great way to show your love and pride to a Filipino favorite.

Pineapple Fried Rice
Even the simplest of dishes gets more interesting with really good fried rice! Here's a definite must-try.

Pine Chicken Tinola
Level up this chicken soup by adding Del Monte Pineapple for an added sweetness to the dish.

Celebrate Independence day and be proud to be Pinoy by preparing piña-level up classic Pinoy recipes for your family.