Creative Ways To Make your Family Love Broccoli

Known to be a powerhouse of benefits, studies show that broccoli has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in concentrated doses of antioxidants that work together to provide digestive cardiovascular support, aid in detoxification and cancer prevention. Despite its nutritional superpowers, however, it's always a struggle to get your family to eat broccoli (or any vegetable for that matter). Here are a few tips and tricks to serve broccoli in surprisingly appetizing ways:

Mix it!
To make broccoli more appealing, mix it with yummy ingredients like cheese and bacon and whip up dishes like cheesy broccoli casserole, broccoli cheese cream soup, and roasted bacon and broccoli.

Pair it!
Broccoli can be easily eaten as a snack paired with your favorite dips and sauces like ranch dip, cheese sauce, or thousand island dressing.

Blend it!
If you're having a difficult time making your kids eat this tree-looking veggie, why don't you try blending it with their spaghetti or macaroni and cheese? This way, they can get added nutrients while enjoying their favorite meals.

Drink it!
Broccoli is not usually served as a beverage, but with Tipco 100% Juices for Del Monte, you get a naturally healthy juice drink that is surprisingly delicious. Tipco for Del Monte 100% Broccoli Juice has no sugar, preservatives, additives, and coloring, making this drink one of the most natural 100% juices in the market.

With these delicious ideas, you don't have to miss out on the healthy goodness of broccoli anymore!

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