Fruit-Filled Recipes to Try at Home

We all know the saying, “Always leave room for dessert,” but it is even better to leave room for more fruit as well. To get the best of both worlds, we've combined fruits with the sweet treats you love. With Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail and Del Monte Kitchenomics, you can create amazing dessert recipes that everyone will enjoy.

Layered Fruit Crepe
This easy-to-do creamy delight with cinnamon and vanilla will make everyone smile. We're betting this dessert recipe is going to end up being a family favorite too!

del monte kitchenomics fruit-filled recipes to try at home no bake fruity cheesecake

No-Bake Fruity Cheesecake
Delicious cake that does not need baking? Sign us up! Treat your family to a decadent afternoon with this sumptuous cheesecake recipe.

del monte kitchenomics fruit-filled recipes to try at home fruit roll ups

Fruit Roll Ups
This crunchy, fruity dessert recipe is not only a fun finger food, it also contains vitamin B2 which is good for the skin and eyes! With this, kids won't mind eating healthy.

Fruity Caramel Pie
Remember the imaginary tea parties you used to do when you were a kid? Now you can do the real thing with this unique dessert recipe that's set to make your tea party a sweet and delightful one.

Fiesta Suman
Have you ever eaten suman with fruit? Now is your chance to to prepare one yourself! This Filipino dessert recipe also takes your beloved childhood favorite to a more sophisticated level.

Enjoy your time in the kitchen, as well as your time eating these healthy indulgent desserts with Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail! Have a great day!