Hop, Skip, And Jump To A Fitter, Faster You

Plyometrics, also known as jump training, was originally developed for Olympic athletes. Now popular among people of all ages, it’s one effective way to burn those unwanted calories and to torch fat. Though this workout was initially designed for the pros, plyometrics is amateur-friendly too! It takes direct inspiration from popular sports like basketball, volleyball, boxing, and tennis. It's simple enough that even children and teens can keep up!

It was in the former East Germany in the 1970’s that state sports trainers first made people take notice of plyometrics. The training conditions your body with exercises that first rapidly stretch a muscle and then quickly shorten it. In scientific speak this takes your muscle from eccentric phase to concentric phase. Diane Vives president of Vives Training Systems in Austin Texas shares, “Plyometric exercises — whether they're jumps or quick upper-body movements — increase the elastic properties of your muscles which over time allows them to handle intense workloads more efficiently.” This means that your muscles will better adapt to even more challenging fitness workouts at a faster pace!

If you’re ready to give it a shot you’ll find that the benefits of plyometrics go deep down past muscle training! Recent research tells us that the routine may also be beneficial to your bones. Bones rebuild in order to preserve a healthy density. Stressing your bones with explosive movements like that of plyometric training is one effective way to activate this rebuilding and in turn strengthen your bones. However, like with all physical training there are risks — like higher risk of injury in trainees that don’t have enough base strength. Make sure to work with a trainer or sports therapist before beginning your plyometric program!

There are thousands of plyometric exercises developed by qualified trainers! It can begin with a simple routine that even kids can start with such as a medicine ball chest pass or double leg hops with an average number of prescribed sets and repetitions per exercise. Later on, with an increase in muscle strength, these simple routines can be made more challenging. No matter what pace you begin with, plyometrics can help improve your balance, refine your overall agility, and increase your muscle power. Speak to a nearby fitness expert to help jumpstart your training. And when you do, don’t forget your bottle of Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Juice Drink to keep you hydrated from the first rep to the last! 

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