Make These Tasty and Filling Meals in 30 Minutes

Meals on busy days don't have to be a sad or tasteless affair. You're going to want to make time in the kitchen to make these new recipes from DEL MONTE QUICK ‘N EASY, featuring dishes from all around the world na super-bilis lutuin at achieve sa sarap. Why not give these recipes a try?

1. Pineapple Korean Beef Stew

Do you like your savory dishes with a hint of sweetness? This is one hearty dish for you. Plus, it's good for sharing too! Cook this recipes without worry with the help of DEL MONTE QUICK 'N EASY Barbeque Marinade.

2. Orange Chicken

Wow! This tangy Chinese take-out favorite can now be made in the comfort of your very own kitchen with the help of DEL MONTE QUICK 'N EASY Sweet and Sour Mix and DEL MONTE QUICK 'N EASY Breading Mix.

3. Laksa Lemak

To make a rich Laksa Lemak, DEL MONTE QUICK 'N EASY Curry Mix is mixed with milk to achieve that rich broth, made flavorful with aromatic spices.

4. Chicken Tortilla Pizza

This pizza recipe is one to fall in amore with, made with the help of DEL MONTE QUICK 'N EASY Italian Style Pizza Sauce garnished with chicken bits, tomatoes, cheese, and basil.

5. Beef Kofta

Kofta balls are made of ground meat held together with a bit of fat accompanied by a light herb to provide flavor contrasts. Our recipe is enhanced with DEL MONTE QUICK 'N EASY Curry Mix mixed in with meat to make this simple yet delicious dish.