Quick and Easy Meals for the Independent You

    Published on Nov 03 2017

    Living alone and being independent from your parents do not mean that you have to eat shabby food! It may be challenging to cook for yourself at first, but once you realize that you can do it, wala nang imposible! Since you're only cooking for yourself, then you have the freedom to choose your own recipes based on your budget, health preference and dietary needs, and of course, ease of preparation.

    Here are three easy but delicious recipes that are perfect for a beginner cook like you. And when you've finally improved your cooking skills, you can showcase the dishes you've made and invite your family and friends over for a hearty dinner experience. So ano pang hinihintay mo? Start cooking!

    Sesame Soy Chicken Noodles
    Ito ang true quick cooking! The skills required are pretty basic. Just add Del Monte Quick 'n Easy BBQ Marinade to your sautéed chicken then simmer before adding the rest of the ingredients. In less than 30 minutes, pwede mo nang tikman ang iyong Asian-inspired dish! This simple recipe is good for 4 servings, so just store the rest of the food at pwede mo na gawing baon for work for the next day.

    del monte kitchenomics quick and easy meals for the independent you orange chicken

    Orange Chicken
    Most of those who live alone are afraid to try something new, so this easy-to-make dish is a perfect pick. Total preparation and cooking time is only about 30 minutes, even if you only have a single-stove kitchenette.

    del monte kitchenomics quick and easy meals for the independent you beef bbq teriyaki

    Beef BBQ Teriyaki
    Once you have tried the other recipes then madali mo na lang gawin itong next easy recipe. Though you'll need to marinade the beef for an hour or overnight, the cooking steps are quite easy from there. Just stir fry the beef in batches and it's good to go.

    With Del Monte Quick 'n Easy, you get perfectly seasoned food because these products are made with real seasonings and spices. Just follow the recipe and cooking steps and you'll feel like an expert once you get a taste of what you have made!