Reset Your Body with Fiber

    Published on Jul 28 2016

    Indulging in food every now and then is completely normal. However, eating too much can sometimes make you feel unhealthy or bloated inside. This is why you always have to keep your digestive system in check.

    A healthy digestive system helps your body process all the nutrients from the food you eat and cleanse your body of unwanted toxins. A way to maintain a healthy digestive system is to have enough fiber.

    What fiber does to your body:
    Regularly consuming a sufficient amount of fiber has numerous benefits:

    Helps reduce risk of heart diseases. A high fiber diet absorbs water as it moves through the digestive tract. It then forms a gel that binds with acids made from cholesterol, which are all carried out of your body through waste. This can then help lower your blood cholesterol and help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Normalizes bowel movements. As a high fiber diet absorbs water, it also helps solidify loose watery stools. This in turn increases the weight and size of your stool while softening it at the same time, reducing the incidence of constipation.

    Controls blood sugar level. Getting fiber – particularly soluble fiber found in beans, oats, nuts, and some fruits and vegetables – helps slow down the absorption of sugar and improve blood sugar level in the body. Diets high in fiber helps reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

    Helps maintain a healthy weight. Fiber provides the bulk to your diet that gives you the feeling of a full stomach, which can then help you control your weight. Food containing fiber, also takes longer to eat, makes your stomach feel full sooner, which consequently makes you eat less.

    Get your daily dose of fiber!
    Since fiber plays an important role in keeping you healthy, you should strive to get enough of it every day. One easy way to get a fiber boost is by drinking a deliciously refreshing glass of Del Monte Fiber-Enriched 100% Pineapple Juice. It has 4 grams of dietary fiber, equivalent to a 200-gram bowl of salad, which can help flush away toxins and keep your digestive system in top condition.

    Drink to better health! Always remember to EAT – CLEANSE – REPEAT with Del Monte Fiber-Enriched!

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