Simple Things To Make Your Kitchen Better

    Published on Jul 28 2016

    Year after year, you find yourself promising to repair, clean, and remodel parts of your house. The living room gets most of the attention, followed by the bedroom, then the bathroom.

    Unfortunately, the kitchen is usually the last on the list because it is the part of the house that is most often used. But stop and consider that the kitchen is where you prepare the food your family eats. Isn't it about time you paid more attention to the heart of your home?

    Here are some kitchen decluttering tips to keep the most essential things.

    Dig Through Your Cabinets
    Pull everything out of each cabinet and see what you can still use. Throw away or donate those things that are not frequently used, duplicate, or broken items. Be ruthless and don't be a hoarder. Most kitchens lack storage space, so the goal is to only have things you love and actually use. Can't decide on what to keep? Read this guide to help you sort things out and keep the most essential things you need in the kitchen.

    Group Kitchen Items
    When you've de-cluttered your cabinets, look at all the items you have left and group them according to how you use them. Sort all your baking items and keep them together. Sort your cooking items and group them together. Group the dishes you eat from, glassware, holiday or other seasonal items that only get used once or twice a year, as well as those special entertaining or serving pieces that are only used once in a while.

    Get Organized
    Now that you have the grouped items on the floor, choose where each item should be stored so you don't have to go back and forth across the kitchen for the things you need just to make your morning drink. Cooking and baking items should be close to where you prepare your food. Utensils should be in the drawer nearest to the prep area as well. Glassware is best stored near the sink or refrigerator. Make a coffee or tea station that includes sugar, mugs and filters, and place it close to the water dispenser, if possible.

    Store Items in Clear Containers
    It's a simple trick to instantly identify ingredients and items you may need. Group together things like hot cereal packets and hot tea bags, then put them into clear plastic containers to avoid them being scattered all over the cabinet. Use clear plastic containers to store food from tiny boxes, such as gelatin or pudding mix.

    Clean Out the Refrigerator
    Now, move on to the refrigerator and see what needs to be thrown out, especially expired food. Wipe the interiors, the door, as well as the edges. Use a mixture of charcoal and vinegar and place it inside for two hours. This will absorb and take away the fishy smells. Before turning it back on, place the food items back in an orderly manner, making sure the food items that will expire later are at the back. Better yet, use a marker and masking tape to label bottles and containers with the correct expiration dates.

    The best part of having an organized kitchen is being able to enjoy your space. No matter how big or small your space is, maximizing every inch of your kitchen will allow you to do wonders.

    These are only some of the ways you can save time and have an easier time in the kitchen. Starting your year with these commitments will pay off in a better, happier home life for years to come.

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