The 5 Best Ways to Enjoy A Staycation

    Published on Jul 28 2016

    A great trip out of town, visiting new places, and making awesome new memories, can be very rewarding, but, it can be rather demanding to plan — with transportation, food to bring, lodging at a distant resort or hotel, and itinerary being part of the picture. Sometimes, you end up thinking that staying in town and just having a relaxed staycation may be a better option.

    Have a look at these tips to enjoy a staycation:

    Turn off your phone's notification.
    A staycation with your phone buzzing all day and night isn't that much different from any other day. Turn off social media notifications and put that phone away. This is also a good time to stop stressing about current events and responsibilities. Without these distractions, you'll get to enjoy spending quality time with your family — playing indoors, cooking and eating together, or just having conversations. Do this and you'll feel like you actually did leave town!

    Forget your to-do list  for now.
    You are on vacation, so put it away. Avoid your planner or to-do list to see your schedule. Instead, focus on being with your loved ones.

    Don't overbook yourself.
    Yes, you're on vacation, but that doesn't mean you should fill up your day with a lot of activities that will just get you tired in the end. The whole point of having a staycation is to feel relaxed, so make sure you get enough of the down time you need.

    Have fun in the kitchen.
    Take the opportunity to spend a couple of hours in the kitchen and try out those recipes you've been dying to cook for a while now. If you want new ideas, visit Del Monte Kitchenomics to get delicious and easy recipes to cook.

    Take a nap.
    One of the best things about staycations is being able to really sleep or have an afternoon nap when you feel like it. Play some relaxing music in the background, and snooze. If you want, you can even take a warm bath before sleeping to relax those tired muscles, helping to ready yourself for a more soothing rest.

    Enjoy the simple things.
    Out-of-town or out-of-the-country vacations can be a bit over the top with itineraries and expenses. Having a staycation allows you to enjoy simple pleasures like just lounging around, having a good meal, or listening to music. A staycation is a perfect time to appreciate the little things.