The Wheel of Family Fun

    Published on Jul 28 2016

    With a new year comes new days to try something new and exciting with the entire family. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a few suggestions to up the fun factor this new year. Behold, The Wheel of Family Fun!

    Discover new family activities to try, share, and brag about to all of your friends. Simply click on the button so the wheel starts to spin and again to see where the pointer stops – and voila! A new family adventure awaits.

    To help you plan out the activity, we’ve rounded up a couple of suggestions for you to try out:

    1. Go camping
    Ah, the great outdoors! Pack your bags and drive out of the city to experience the fresh air, feel the warm earth, fall asleep under the night sky, and roast dinner around a bonfire. It's a fun adventure and a basic survival lesson for the whole family, and you can even do it two or three times a year to get a well-deserved breather from city life. First-time campers may head to Taal Lake Camping Grounds in Tagaytay where you can learn the basics or to Tanay Adventure Camp in Tanay, Rizal and enjoy numerous mountaineering sidetrips like zip line rides, rappelling, and wall climbing.Don't forget to pack a camera and some refreshments (make it a pack of that healthy and refreshing goodness of real fruits of Del Monte Juice Drinks) to keep the whole family cool!

    2. Go see the stars
    Seeing stars as if they were within reach is a breathtaking experience that'll make you and the family feel out of this world. PAGASA Observatory conducts stargazing and telescoping sessions, while The Mind Museum’s Astro Camp lets you stargaze with the museum’s resident astronomer. Staying at Seven Suites in Antipolo gives you a chance to take a closer look at the heavenly bodies when you go to their Hotel Observatory. Give your little ones a unique learning adventure when you teach them about the solar system, the planets and the different constellations. Spot the Big Dipper for us, will you?

    3. Plant Something
    Here's your chance to grow some new family memories! (Get it? Get iiiiiit?) Gardening with the kids in your own backyard isn't just a relaxing way to spend the weekend, it's also something that encourages teamwork, because it gives the entire family something to take care of together. Bonus: Homegrown veggies are a healthy, delicious addition to your everyday meals!

    4. Volunteer together
    Nothing beats the feeling of doing something for the greater good together with the people you love! A local site called iVolunteer can help you choose from an array of opportunities that are underway. Pro tip: the key to choosing a cause is determining what your kids and the rest of the family are most passionate about. If it's cooking or food, they'll definitely love helping out at a feeding program.

    5. Get cooking
    No matter how busy things get, there's always room for kitchen funtime any day of the week. Why not make it a habit to prepare meals like Chicken Finger Surprise and Pizzarap together with the entire family? It's a chance for everyone, especially the kids, to express their creativity, practice responsibility, and hone a life skill. You can even teach the kids an old family recipe or make fun cartoon-inspired desserts. Remember: the more involved everyone is with mealtime, the more willing they will be to spend more time at home with the family.

    6. #MashupFridays
    Do something different every Friday with your kin. This week can be #ForceFoodFriday, where you make snacks inspired by Star Wars characters (Wookie Cookies, Leia's Buns). Next week, it's #BoardgameBreakfastFriday, where you play Uno or Angry Birds: Space and eat popular breakfast dishes for dinner. Here’s to more fun-tastic (or pun-tastic) Fridays for the whole family!