Tips for Cooking Like an Expert

    Published on Aug 21 2016

    Cooking can be very exciting for some people, but for beginner cooks, it can be quite intimidating. That is why we compiled a list of tips that will help you on your journey to becoming a kitchen expert.

    Get the right oil temperature
    When deep-frying, two inches of oil is enough. Allow the food to sink for it to evenly cook. To test if the oil is hot enough, pick up a grain of rice and drop it into the oil. If the rice comes back to the top and starts to cook, your oil is boiling around 360°F or 182°C, which is perfect for your food.

    Pat dry then fry
    When frying, excess moisture causes splattering when put in hot oil. Make sure to completely dry the food before frying.

    Group according to size
    When steaming vegetables or other food items, make sure that they are of similar size for you to better know if they are all cooked. If not, this might result to overcooked or undercooked food items.

    Be Resourceful in the Kitchen
    Some kitchens are fully equipped with all the appliances, but there are some things that cannot be done by your kitchen appliances. When in the kitchen, resourcefulness is key. Lay out all your ingredients before you cook, this will give you an idea on what to do in order. Proper use of seasoning is a known secret to cooking — so make sure you taste the dish every step of the way until you're nearly finished cooking.

    Keep QNE in your pantry
    Always have in your pantry those handy Del Monte Quick 'n Easy mixes and sauces! Para no matter how simple or how complex you feel like cooking, Quick ‘n Easy can help you cook it like an expert! And because they're made of real seasonings, madali mo talaga maaachieve ang mga dishes. No more worries about the flavor!


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