Tips for Food on the Go

    Published on Apr 07 2017

    Road trips: what's not to love?

    Aside from the window views, the company, and the destination, road trips are made very enjoyable because of the snacks we can enjoy along the way—whether it's food from a road stop or part of your baon stash.

    Homemade snacks are not only more affordable; you also get peace of mind, knowing what ingredients went into your food and how it was prepare. Your family will appreciate that added precious ingredient: love and time devoted to preparing it.

    Remember the 3 B's when preparing your baon: balance, bite size, and budget. But how can you ensure that your snacks remain fresh throughout the hot car ride? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

    In a box
    Put soft food in a plastic or glass container to retain their shape and flavor. Make some Turon Espesyal--cooled before you pack so you retain the crunchiness. These savory snacks will tide you over between meals.

    On ice
    Bring a cooler so your snacks and drinks are truly refreshing when you finally enjoy them. Prepare a batch of Fiesta Suman wrapped in banana leaves, that are filling but will tend to spoil if kept in the heat for too long. Keep the cool with some blue ice for the road.

    In the bag
    Use resealable storage bags to keep bars just the right consistency until you're ready to enjoy them as sweet endings. We recommend preparing Fruits for the Gods, a chewy and juicy snack that you can pre-cut as one-bite wonders to fuel car ride conversations.

    We hope you enjoyed reading the article, but we hope you have an even better time on the road!