Tips on How to Cook Spaghetti Like a Pro

    Published on Jun 05 2017

    You have probably prepared different pasta dishes many times, yet are wondering why your pasta still tastes and feels different from those you swoon over in restaurants. It's time to up your pasta game in the kitchen—learn the tricks that the chefs use to make amazing spaghetti!

    Go for quality

    Be sure to use quality sauce like Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce and pasta like Del Monte Pasta, and you're off to a good start.

    Add salt to the water
    Salt enhances the flavors of the pasta so you won't have a bland-tasting dish. Remember to boil water with the salt before you cook the pasta. But be mindful of the amount of salt you add. Remember: everything in moderation!

    It's in the pan
    Just as your sauce is almost done, and while the pasta is still hot, transfer both into the saucepan with a little of the starch water that you used to boil the pasta. The starch in the water will bind sauce to pasta in a beautiful combination.

    Try some of the dishes on! Now, you're ready to be crowned Pasta Queen!

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