Try These Indoor Activities For The Rainy Days

    Published on Aug 21 2016

    Rainy days can wash away all those outdoor activities you have planned with your friends, but that doesn't mean that a "rain check" is always in order! There's a great deal of fun that can be had indoors with your friends — check out some of them in this list.

    1. Organize your own film fest.
    Line up some films, mixing some classics with new ones to make sure there's something for everyone. Add in a few animated movies and the latest episodes of your favorite series.Serve up some easy-to-prepare snacks, keep it cozy by piling up on the pillows, and have a marathon screening.

    2. Bake at home.
    Gather at the home of a friend with an oven, and bake cookies, cupcakes, and other pastries. Nothing beats gloomy weather like a little get-together with homemade sweets and hot drinks.

    3. Get the spa treatment.
    Stuck indoors with nothing to do? Might as well enjoy doing nothing. Set up a home spa and massage session for everyone, allowing you and your friends to get pampered while spending time together.

    4. #Crafternoon!
    One of the biggest trends right now comes in the form of arts and crafts, like calligraphy, watercolor, origami, and more. The internet is full of instructional pages and videos, and it's really easy for you and your friends to just sit down and explore your creativity together on a rainy day.

    5. Conquer the great indoors with an indoor "camping trip."
    Prop up a tent of blankets, pillows and sleeping bags as you gather around the flashlight “bonfire” and share stories, make arts and crafts, and roast s'mores over your stove.

    Go ahead and try out any of these activities with your friends! Just because you're stuck inside, it doesn't necessarily a bad thing — it's an opportunity to try something new and spend more time bonding with friends. Not only do you get to have fun as a group, doing these indoor activities will leave you and your friends feeling better and much closer with one another.