Why Moms and Kids Enjoy Adobo with Pineapples

    Published on Dec 20 2019

    One timeless dish will always be classic Filipino adobo. Whether made with chicken, pork, or beef, the savory dish is always greeted with smiles whenever served. Every Filipino household has their own way of cooking adobo, but the great thing about the dish is its versatility.

    Take a classic dish like adobo and make it even more special with pineapples – and you have Piñadobo! You’d be surprised to learn that based on a consumer study in Metro Manila, Piñadobo is preferred by 3 out of 4 kids. It’s that good and so what makes it worth trying!

    1. It’s Piña-sarap!
    Adobo’s main ingredients soy sauce and vinegar give the dish its characteristic salty-sour flavors universally loved by all ages. Elevate the treasured dish further by adding pineapples to give a sweet kick in each serving. In every bite, pineapple tidbits mixed with the delectably seasoned meat giving it slightly sweeter and fruity notes the family (especially kids) will enjoy!

    2. It’s Piña-sustansya!
    Aside from adding a sweet kick to the usual adobo recipe, Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits is also a great way to integrate a nutritious source into the diet of kids. Piñadobo is loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and Vitamin C compared to plain adobo dishes.

    3. It’s Piña-buhay!
    A classic dish like adobo can look even more exciting with pineapples! Bright and lively pineapple tidbits add a colorful contrast to adobo’s usual elements of marinade, vinegar, and spices. Chunks of fruity goodness give the dish a more vibrant and mouth-watering look that whets kids’ appetite. With pineapples as an ingredient, lunch boxes and plates become more vibrant and enjoyable.

    In the Philippines, adobo reigns as the crown jewel of classic home-cooked meals. Consider your favorite adobo recipe and make it more exciting with Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits to add tasty, nutritious, and colorful life to mealtimes!