Del Monte Original Blend Ketchup

Del Monte Original Blend Ketchup adds rich tomato goodness for better more delicious dips! Made from high quality tomatoes, it naturally has Lycopene and is guaranteed to have no preservatives.

Available in 320g Bottle, 567g Bottle and 320g SUP.
*Products available only in the Philippines

#GoCrazyWithDelMonteKetchup | Yummy Burger Sauce

Today, we say goodbye to boring burgers with the Yummy Burger Sauce!

#GoCrazyWithDelMonteKetchup | Sumo-Savory Tonkatsu Dip

Get everyone feeling so Japaniiice with this Tonkatsu Dip! One dip and it’ll instantly perk up your regular fried porkchop.

#GoCrazyWithDelMonteKetchup | Insanely Delicious Nutty Ketchup Dip

Go nuts with the Nutty Ketchup Dip! This exciting sweet and savory mix is the perfect pair to the classic fried chicken!

Go Crazy with Del Monte Ketchup Favorites

From sawang-sawa to sarap na sarap! Pwede mo nang i-level up ang pritong ulam in 5 crazy ways! Pair them with any of these Del Monte flavors for instant crazy goodness! Original Blend Ketchup, Extra Rich Banana Ketchup, Sweet Chili Sauce, Hot & Spicy Ketchup, and Sweet Blend Ketchup! Go Crazy with Del Monte Ketchup Favorites for as low as P25! #GoCrazywithDelMonteKetchup

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