5 Twists For Classic Fruit Salad

    Published on Jul 28 2016

    In any occasion or event you go to, there is bound to be a bowl of Fruit Salad waiting to be served. What's not to love about this classic Pinoy dessert? It's creamy and delicious!

    Each family has their own version of Christmas Fruit Salad but here are five new takes on the perennial favorite that can be enjoyed on a more regular basis. From sweet to savory, there's a fruit salad twist for you to try!

    Serve fruit salad creatively
    Fruit salad doesn't always have to be served in a big bowl. Wow your guests by serving fruit salad differently, such as this recipe.

    Make it savory
    Fruit salad isn't just for dessert. In this unexpected fruit salad, the addition of shredded crab sticks and mayonnaise-wasabi makes this a delectable starter to a meal.

    Give it a tropical twist
    Reminisce those times you spent on the beach when you make this refreshing and summery fruit salad topped with desiccated coconut!

    Mix in some interesting ingredients
    No need to head to a restaurant to have your serving of that Asian hot prawn salad. Just mix in some shrimps, quail eggs, fruit cocktail, gelatin, and all other ingredients in this recipe to have that light and satisfying starter salad in your tummy.

    Think out of the box
    Fruit salad can be more than just your typical salad! It is versatile and can be made into different kinds of desserts, such as this one!

    Whether you want to satisfy your sweet tooth or enjoy a savory dish with it, the only limit to to creating these recipes is your imagination. So check out your pantry, have a look at what's in your fridge, and get that creativity rolling to surprise your family (or your guests) with something out of the ordinary!