Sweet Treats from Around the World

    Published on Apr 04 2017

    Filipino food is as good as it gets but it's really exciting to explore other flavors from other countries as well. A country's food says a lot about its people's culture and history, which is why trying a country's dishes and treats, is a really interesting experience.

    None of that needs to be expensive. All you need is to open your taste buds to the possibilities. Try these dessert recipes from different parts of the globe using the flavors in Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail.

    Vietnamese Fruit Jelly
    Because it's so popular, you've probably tasted this Vietnamese dessert during your visit to the country. One of the more popular versions of Vietnamese jelly is known as thach rau câu. It is made of mainly of agar agar, a seaweed by-product similar to gelatin, fused with the flavors of coffee, coconut, and pandan.

    Now, let us indulge you on a fruity take on this sweet delight!

    This colorful, delectable dish incorporates the creamy goodness of coconut milk, but at the same time, it feels light and refreshing in the mouth because fruit is now in it. Color comes from the gelatin and the fruity flavors, from Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail. Here's the recipe!

    Gelato Blast
    Did you know that gelato is so popular in Italy it now has its own museum just outside of Bologna? The world famous dish was invented by then famous artist and architect, Buontalenti, when he was assigned to prepare a feast for the King of Spain. Part of the feast was a creamy dessert now called by world as gelato.

    Interesting, right? Italy's quintessential dessert is also a perfect dessert to beat the strong summer heat in the Philippines.

    To prepare this delightful dish, puree some fruits, then add a little bit of milk and water (you may or may not add sugar) and stash the mixture in the freezer. After a few hours, voila! You can have a refreshing scoop or two of this dessert.

    Fruit Crepe Samurai
    Currently widespread all over the world, crepe has its origins in France and was once reserved for only the royals. Fast forward to today, and this dessert is well known throughout the world with the sweet variants being quite popular in Japan. It is also popular as a Japanese festival food.

    The good news? You can now prepare the dish in the comfort of your own home!

    After you've prepped thin hotcakes or crepes, put some fruits and cream or hazelnut spread on it, then fold. You now have a merienda that will transport you to Tokyo's streets! You can eat it with your bare hands or with a fork and knife. Your choice!

    So you see, with a little bit of imagination and some recipes, you can certainly experience a little part of the life in other parts of the world.
    Happy eating!

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