10 Steps To Becoming More Interesting

    Published on Dec 01 2015

    Practically everyone has a natural desire to be interesting—to continuously delight people with our funny insightful and charming personalities. People are naturally drawn to certain characteristics that they find intriguing and worthy of attention. Forbes shares with us ten handy tips that can help unlock our hidden charm:

    1. Explore.
    To channel fresh ideas and opinions, you must have first-hand experience in a wide range of possibilities. Explore places you’ve never been to before. Read a book about a new school of thought. Take a bottle of Del Monte Fit ‘n Right with you as you explore. You might just be pleasantly surprised by the change in perspective that your new experience will give you.

    2. Share.
    Always make an effort to share what you have learned or experienced with the people you meet. Sharing allows people to imagine an enthralling trip overseas or a unique delicacy from a local excursion. It might also inspire them to try something new for themselves. If you’re passionate about cooking, you might even try replicating the delicacies you’ve tried during the trip in your own kitchen. Check out the Del Monte Kitchenomics page for some easy recipe ideas.

    3. Do something. Anything.
    Strive to get out of your comfort zone and do something new. If you have always wanted to dabble in photography, grab a camera and take a few snaps of the great outdoors. Feeling the itch to play music? Try learning the chords of your favorite songs on the guitar.

    4. Embrace your inner weirdness.
    Everyone is unique in one way or another. Come to terms with the quirks that make you who you are and your peers will surely notice your inner confidence and charm.

    5. Have a cause.
    Dare to stand for something and have an opinion on a prevailing issue or cause, be it human rights, animal welfare, or freedom of speech. Subscribing to a stern belief shows that you have a passion to make the world a better place.

    6. Minimize the swagger.
    Contrary to the common catchphrase, a big ego does not get you anywhere. Learn to be humble at all times and only assert yourself and display your knowledge when the person you’re talking to seems genuinely interested.

    7. Give it a shot.
    When in doubt, just do it. Years from now, you are more likely to regret the things you didn’t do than the things you did but failed miserably in.

    8. Hop off the bandwagon.
    Don’t be afraid to be different. Stand taller, speak louder, and think bolder. You don’t have to go with what the crowd wants all the time.

    9. Be confident.
    In a gathering where you know very few muster the courage to approach a stranger, don't hesitate to shake a stranger’s hand and start a conversation about anything under the sun. That’s how you become confident and how you start potential friendships.

    10. Ignore the haters.
    No matter how hard you try, you cannot please everyone. Somewhere along the way, someone will have at least one negative thing to say about you. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, shrug the negativity off and move forward.

    Remember to always continue gaining experiences and expanding your knowledge so you can converse with anyone regardless of topic, age, or time.

    Keep in mind as well that to be interesting means you have to be genuinely interested in what other people have to say to you. Listen. Speak. Learn.