5 Tricks To Reinvent Your Looks

    Published on Dec 05 2015

    5 Tricks To Reinvent Your Looks

    Welcome to the new year! And what better way to kick it off than to turn a new leaf and show a new side of yourself?

    If you’ve been feeling like you’ve been trapped in a boring image phase during the past year, how about throwing in a few changes to tweak your lifestyle and looks? Having a makeover is not as daunting and complicated as it sounds. With just a dash of creativity and a genuine desire to discover and showcase a new side of yourself, you can easily turn your image around. Check out these five quick 'n easy tips and see how you can easily switch from done in the past to fab in the future!

    1. Evaluate your overall image.
    Check yourself in the mirror from head to toe and review old photos from the past year. Have you been wearing the same hairstyle, tops, pants, and shoes for the past twelve months? Do you see a constant pattern in your wardrobe? If the answer is yes to both questions, ask yourself which of these repetitive items in your image you don’t like. Put them in a list of “things to change ASAP.”

    2. Raid and Rejuvenate your Closet.
    This may be a challenge for the thrift of heart, but it helps to clean out your closet once in a while and make way for new items. If you have clothes that have been on constant rotation for more than six months, consider keeping them in a hard-to-reach part of your closet. This way, you cease to use them and allow yourself to try out varying styles. Reinvent your wardrobe with new items; gather inspiration from various fashion blogs for men and women, like or, respectively.

    3. Mix and match.
    Nowadays, it’s no longer about what is commonly seen, it’s about how you can rock your own unique style. Try mixing formal outfits with casual pieces, or wearing sneakers with slacks. The possibilities allow you to showcase a different spin of yourself, both inside and out!

    4. Accessorize.
    People often gravitate toward singular items that shine or grab attention, such as a ring or a timepiece. Consider wearing earrings or rings if you often go out with no jewelry, or wear horn-rimmed glasses in place of the usual frame. Explore throwback fashion styles that exude a vintage look in the modern age!

    5. Always try something new.
    Even if it feels uncomfortable at first, push yourself to wear something you’ve never worn before. If you’ve always gone out in long skirts, try wearing snugly fit shorts. Cut out a photo of your favorite celebrity and ask your hairstylist to mimic it on you. Be daring. Don’t be afraid of change!

    Most of all, remember that turning a new image starts from within. As you work on changing the way you look on the outside, make sure that your health matches the upgrade as well. Work on staying healthy and in shape by exercising and eating right. Remember to drink a bottle of Del Monte Fit ‘n Right to help speed up your metabolism and block sugar!

    Once the desire to change from within kicks in, you can wear and rock anything you want. So end the chapter of mundane looks and begin a new, fresh, and exciting page that redefines you! Have fun changing yourself for the better this year!