5 Ways To Get Your Partner More Involved At Home

    Published on Dec 05 2015

    It's past 7PM, both mom and dad come home tired from work. One heads straight to the kitchen to whip up dinner, while the other plops down on the couch to watch a bit of TV while waiting for dinner to be ready.

    While this scenario doesn't paint a very fair image, it's actually a very familiar one. If this is how it is for you at home, here are simple ways to get the couch-friendly spouse a bit more involved:

    1. CLAYGO
    Clean as you go. This is something that both of you may have learned to do while growing up – when you had your mom hounding you to do it. Now that you two have your own place though, without mom to remind either of you, it doesn't mean you guys can leave things all over the place.

    Making the bed as you get up, washing the dishes right after meals, and sorting and arranging your clothes after use are simple ways of ensuring that there's less work waiting for you when you get home after a long day at work.

    2. Set a Routine
    List down the chores needed, when they need to be completed, and then decide who gets assigned to each task. This ensures that there are no tasks left undone; you will also avoid unnecessary arguments about who should be doing what.

    Try switching chores every now and then to ensure that no gets too tired of doing the same chore and it makes sure as well that both of you know where things are around the house and how to get things done.

    3. Take Out Night, Clean Up Night
    Set a day once a week, where cooking isn't part of the after work schedule. Order in and spend the time you would've spent cooking to work on the chores you usually don't have time for, like dusting some parts of the house that are often forgotten, doing pantry checks or even re-arranging things in the house.

    By the time food gets delivered, the chores would have been done, and there would be enough time for the two of you to enjoy dinner.

    4. Make Each Other Brush, Then Blush
    Reward each other with simple gifts for doing wonderful work around the house. Nothing big or grand needed. A simple “Thank you” will do the trick most of the time.

    5. What's For Dinner?
    Avoid getting stuck in the kitchen at night struggling to think of something to cook up. Plan ahead. Work out a menu for each week to save you time and energy. Try cooking as much of the dishes during the free time you have during weekends, then store them in the freezer or chiller. During weeknights, you can simply reheat them for a more hassle-free dinner arrangement.

    If you're looking for dishes to add to your weekly recipe, give Del Monte Kitchenomics a try. It should make the weekly menu fun, delicious, and most importantly, nutritious.

    Working together and making the house a home can be done easily with a bit of planning, compromising, and open communication. Keep in mind that not everything has to constantly be spic and span in order for it to be perfect. Remember to relax and to fully appreciate and enjoy each other's company.