Affordable and easy-to-prep recipes for special family weekend bonding

    Published on Dec 20 2019

    3 Simple and Easy Tips for Special Weekend Bonding

    Many of us look forward to the weekend because it gives us time to bond with our family. We want to shower them with as much love and affection as we can before we slip back into the office. For an extra special weekend with the family cook up something hearty at home with Del Monte! Just follow these simple tips to prepare for your upcoming weekend adventure in the kitchen.

    Have the family help out in the kitchen during weekends

    As parents, we constantly have to come up with creative ways to bond with the family. Why not have the kids help out in the kitchen? We can start them off with something simple like washing vegetables and peeling ingredients. That way we get to spend time with the kids and teach them valuable skills in the kitchen. We just have to find the right balance of fun and responsibility to make cooking something your little ones can look forward to.

    Show your love by cooking for them

    When we cook for family, it lets them know how much we cherish them. So, this weekend, instead of eating out or ordering in, prepare something special. Try our Pininyahang Manok recipe made with Del Monte Pineapple Chunks. This dish blends familiar savory notes with the fruity goodness of pineapple. Serving a hearty dish such as this will give us ample time to chat with the family.

    Extend bonding time with dessert

    Right after a hearty salu-salo, give them a reason to stick around the dinner table by serving delicious desserts that’ll satisfy their cravings. It could be something as indulgent as leche flan, or light and refreshing as ice cream or sherbet. Anything that would make the family gather around and enjoy the food is always a good idea.

    With just a little effort and a few ingredients, you can show the family just how special they are this weekend! Just add Del Monte Pineapple Chunks to your traditional Filipino recipes to make them even more delicious! Whether you’re preparing for a family outing or simply having dinner at home, you can make it special without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank.