At-Home Date Night Ideas To Do With The Family

    Published on Dec 05 2015

    Contrary to what people may think dating does not end when one gets married or when one starts to have children. In fact family dates are among the things that keeps a family strong and happy.

    Before you raise your eyebrows and say it’s not easy on the budget let us tell you that family dates need not be done somewhere expensive. Here are some budget friendly ideas on how to spend your family dates at home:

    1. Movie Marathon
    If you want a laid back stress-free family time, a classic movie marathon is the perfect family date for you. To keep it special, make sure to prepare a special yummy and nutritious snack for everyone. Try the No Bake Fruity Cheesecake or the Saucy Cheesy Spaghetti!

    2. Outdoor Team Games
    Shape your kids’ competitive spirit and interest in sports early on. Don’t forget to reward everyone with a sumptuous healthy meal afterwards. They need all the energy they can get for the next challenge.

    3. Indoor Mind Games
    If your family is a fan of intellectually stimulating activities, such as Scrabble or jigsaw puzzles, this might be the perfect thing for you. Just make sure you remind them to eat because these games can be extremely engaging. Serve up healthy dishes like the Pizzarap or Pineapple with Salted Caramel to keep their minds alert all throughout the game.

    Have fun!