Burn Bright - Don't Burn Out

    Published on Dec 01 2015

    Greeting each morning with a sigh? Counting down the hours to your lunch break? These may be signs of a possible burnout.

    Burnout can happen anywhere and anytime. It can happen in two months, it can happen in 10 years – people can suddenly go through it if they forget to add in factors that build and brighten their life.

    Here are a few simple tips to battle burnout:

    1. Live outside the box.
    Don't let your life be all about the routine home-work-home. Build one outside of these spaces. Join a fitness club. Shoot a few hoops. Catch up with old friends. It doesn't have to be fancy or crazy, just do something fun outside of your regular work schedule.

    2. Wake up early.
    Instead of simply waking up on time to grab a quick bite, wake up an hour earlier. Go out for a walk. Read the newspaper. Make your own breakfast. Create your "me-time" instead of hoping or wishing for it.

    3. Pick up a hobby.
    Learn something new or simply tinker with something you've always loved doing. Why not collect stamps or grow a garden or learn to cook? Share it with others who have the same interests. Cook for your family or your special someone. It's something you and the people around can look forward to enjoy and talk about after. For available help with the menu, try visiting sites like Del Monte Kitchenomics that can help you plan your menu based on your budget or ingredients.

    4. Map out your vacations.
    Save up for a trip and plan them as early as possible. That way, you have something to look forward to. Make it an annual thing so you can motivate yourself to working for something worth remembering and experiencing.

    As you find ways to avoid stress and fatigue, remember to find ways as well to list down the things you have done and the things you still want to do. Find some time to work on a review of sorts to track what it is exactly you are doing each day or month, and how this all adds up in the long run. You might surprise yourself by finding out how far you've actually come. That's one sure-fire way to cancel out a burnout!