Del Monte Kitchenomics: 32 Years and Stronger than Ever!

    Published on Nov 10 2016

    Del Monte Kitchenomics is celebrating its 32nd anniversary, something we, at Del Monte Philippines, are truly thankful for. We love helping make lives better through our recipes and kitchen solutions, and we hope that in one way or the other, we have made yours richer, happier.

    We celebrate this milestone with some well-loved dishes that have graced our homes and family meals through the years.

    Classic Callos
    This ultimate Spanish dish has the perfect balance of flavours brought together by Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce. This is truly a delight for the tastebuds and a visual feast for the eyes with its bright, appetizing appearance. Celebrate life's special moments with this tasty, classic dish.

    Mommy's Merienda Spaghetti
    A true favorite for kids and adults alike, this dish is our very own version of the classic Pinoy recipe, made even more delicious with Del Monte Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce. This is perfect for merienda or even your next salu-salo.

    Tuna Piña A La Pobre
    Seafood dishes have become integral in our local cuisine and we've given this tuna recipe a healthy and refreshing twist with Del Monte Pineapple. The truly Filipino flavors of this dish will leave you and your family wanting more.

    Tropical Halo-Halo
    Only in the Philippines can you find this satisfying dessert that has become a classic all on its own. With a variety of ingredients, — sago, leche flan, and Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail — this refreshing concoction is a perfect treat for the family on hot, sunny days.

    In the years to come, Del Monte Kitchenomics will continue to give you new and exciting dishes that you can try out at the kitchen to make life better, one recipe at a time.