Fun Activity Ideas For The Active Families

    Published on Dec 01 2015

    Weekend get-togethers are definitely a great time for catching up with the family. It does, however, involve a lot of feasting that could spell more calories than you need. It could also end up with the kids sitting on couches playing video games while their teenage relatives text away on their smartphones.

    In this technologically advanced age, it is so easy to stay sedentary. Why not challenge the family to use the weekends together to do something fun and active? The family will feel more energetic and feel more entertained with weekends that get them moving. Here are some ideas for your next “Active Family Time”:

    Swimming party.
    Take the family to the nearest pool for some fun and games. There's nothing like a pair of water blasters to get a good fun-fight going. A beach ball makes for an impromptu water polo game. Racing laps wakes up the competitive spirit!

    Family sports.
    Arrange for an earlier meet-up at the badminton court and learn to have a smashing time together. Team up for doubles and twice the fun! Don't forget to hydrate with Del Monte Fit ‘n Right throughout the game!

    Sports hour!
    Play a family basketball game in the driveway or head to the open field for a game of soccer or kickball. Earn your lunch calories with good old exercise!

    Fun run.
    Register the whole family for a fun run! Even better if it's for charity. If you can bring the dogs, that'll be wild fun. Have a design contest and print out a “family shirt” to wear to the event! That should bring out more talk value and showcase the family spirit.

    Go for a hike and bike.
    Find a local park with great trails and get to it. It will make the ride more exciting than biking through a village and the hike much more pleasant with the change of scenery.

    Create a scavenger hunt!
    You can hold it in your neighborhood or choose a nearby venue each time you do it. Make your list of “treasures” interesting with themes. Have your family team up against each other for crazy family prizes like “10-Minute Foot Massage From Mom” or “Borrow a Nice Top From Ate's Closet”.

    Hit the beach.
    The sandy getaway is perfect for activities like kite-flying, volleyball, and frisbee matches. You can even have a hula hoop contest! Perfect video opportunity right there. Check out the Del Monte Kitchenomics section for healthy and easy recipes that you can bring along with you!

    Dance night.
    Have a family member choose a favorite song each week then create a new dance or exercise routine to it that everyone has to learn. If you're up to it, turn it into a music video! On every other "Dance Night," have one generation teach another their dance moves then hold a contest for fun!

    Work on a garden together.
    Plan it as a family then spend an hour working on it every weekend! Digging holes, planting seeds, pulling weeds build perseverance and upper body strength. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Learning to grow vegetables also promotes healthy eating! Landscaping with plants and flowers promotes a designing mind and collaborative spirit and you can all cool down after with tall servings of Pine-Green Mango Shake. YUM!

    See? There is no excuse to sitting still on family weekends. And when it's raining… there's always the mall for a cool game of Laser Tag!