Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love

    Published on Aug 22 2016

    Providing good and nutritious food for your everyday meals is important in keeping your children strong and healthy. But it is during snack time that kids usually fill up on candy, chips, and other junk food. You can usually convince them to eat healthy foods during meals, but for snacks, they only want their junk food. But who says you can't give them the best of both worlds? Take a look at this list of delicious (but healthy) snacks from Del Monte Kitchenomics that your kids will love:

    Maja Jubilee
    This colorful and fruity snack is a feast for the mouth and eyes. The delicious pandan filling contains calcium, while the flavorful fruits provide essential vitamins and nutrients that can boost the immune system and provide antioxidants that the body needs.

    Tropical Halo Halo
    Halo-halo is the perfect snack during sweltering hot afternoons. This traditional Pinoy snack is as refreshing as it is healthy. Just make sure to fill up their cups with healthier fruit ingredients!

    Tuna Yogurt Spread
    This is your classic tuna spread — but with a twist. Usually this favorite palaman is prepared with mayonnaise, but by switching it to plain yogurt, we get a delectable and healthy snack too!

    Fruity Yogy
    It's simple, it's delicious, AND it's healthy. Fruity Yogy can be prepared in just minutes! With just a dash of cinnamon, this fruit and yogurt combo makes one very scrumptious snack.

    Fiesta Fruit Toast
    Serve your kid this moist, fruity bread that's incredibly easy to make! It's one buttery, fruity treat that will surely hit the sweet spot.

    When preparing snacks, it not just about giving our kids the best tasting food, but it is also about teaching them proper health and having a healthy diet. Healthy living and having a healthy diet leads to living a better life!