Kitchen Tools That Can Make Healthy Cooking Easier

    Published on Jul 28 2016

    Every household pretty much has a set of their essential kitchen tools and equipment to aid them in their kitchen needs. But if you're still looking for the best kitchen tools to make cooking easier and healthier, here are some suggestions you can buy.

    Double-Sided Pan
    Unlike conventional frying pans, the double-sided pan can cook your meat without worrying about the smoke and smell from cooking. The multipurpose kitchen tool allows you to grill meat, chicken,and fish, cook stew or soup, and even pop popcorn and bake chiffon cake. Double-sided pans are made with silicon pressure packing that cooks your food quickly over low heat and reduces nutrition loss from them. Instead of frying foods in single pans, which adds unnecessary fats and calories, you're using healthier alternative cooking methods such as roasting, grilling, broiling, and baking in double-sided pans. You can cook with little to no oil and its double enclosed pan gives an oven effect when you close the lid, making sure that the heat is sealed inside while keeping it tender and juicy.

    Where to buy: In the kitchen ware sections of department stores.

    Turbo Broiler
    This portable oven has been a big hit in almost every household for its healthier, oil-free cooking technique. With the help of hot air used as a heating element, this device does not need oil. You can cook a wide range of food, from roasted chicken, to crispy pata, to casseroles. It's also good for steaming and baking. So if you want to splurge on a kitchen device, get this amazing tool!

    Where to buy: In department stores and appliance centers.

    Slow Cooker
    The slow cooker is another tool that is worth investing in for your kitchen. It offers a healthier, low-fat method of cooking and requires minimal preparation. Cooking with a slow cooker is very similar to cooking on a stove top. One of the great things about having a slow cooker is that you don't need to slave over the pot for hours and hours. All you really need is prep and the slow cooker does its magic. And because it's the kind of appliance that doesn't need to be attended to too much, there's no need to worry about it while you're gone. Almost any recipe can be slow cooked — from the complicated dishes to the quick and easy-to-prepare recipes, the slow cooker is definitely a must-have in the kitchen, especially if you're always on the go.

    Where to buy: In kitchen ware sections department stores and appliance centers.

    2 Tier Bamboo Steamer with Lid
    Steaming is considered to be a very healthy way of cooking. This method of cooking will help your food retain nutrients and flavor better. it is recommended especially with fresh vegetables, preventing it from becoming soggy. Rice cookers usually come with metal steamers, but if yours doesn't, then purchase a bamboo steamer. What's great about it is that it can absorb excess steam and as a result, there's less build up of the moisture inside. It's very affordable and durable, but it can still turn out very delicious meals in minutes!

    Where to buy: In specialty stores and department stores.

    Remember, it's not just about doing new things in the kitchen; it's about making sure you're cooking healthy too! If you need help in thinking of recipes where you can use these tools, Del Monte Kitchenomics has a whole library of yummy recipes for you to start cooking.