Making Study Sessions Fun

    Published on Dec 05 2015

    Inviting your friends to a party is not always easy. What more if you were to invite them to a group study? They might not even R.S.V.P.! Well, whatever the happening is, there's always a way to make things more interesting.

    First things first, maybe you're better off not calling it bluntly as a math study. You have to convince your friends that this math session is anything but another dragging day in class.

    Why not try calling it a “hangout with a little bit of math.” Try posting your invite on social media to make it officially fun! Also, be sure to toss in some good music, food, drinks and a whole lot of smileys in your invite!

    On the day itself, let everyone add their favorite songs to the playlist. That said, it's also good to prepare a surprise playlist of your own, with songs that are out of the usual. Whether it's classical, jazz, or new wave, hearing something new always stimulates the brain which comes in handy when you're stuck with a particularly tricky a math problem.

    A photo of the food and drinks served at any get-together always gets everyone interested! Check out the Del Monte Kitchenomics page for quick food and beverage recipes that you can ask your mom or your household help to help you with. A math session will definitely feel less like a study session with food like Chicken Tortilla Pizza, Chicken Potato Croquette or Zesty Nacho Dip on the table. Try pairing them with Fruit Punch or Four Seasons Float for a simple, yet interesting new beverage experience!

    Start inviting! Because your math study session is about to get mathtastic!