Turn Your House Into A Home Spa

A lot must have changed for you, not just after marriage but after having kids. Now, married life might seem so stressful, scheduled, and hectic. With these tips, you can turn your house into a spa so you can beat stress at home.

1. Find your space.
Find a place at home where you can just head to for relaxation. The easiest places to start relaxing would be your bedroom or even the bathroom. Add in elements that will calm and comfort you and your partner. Simple things like candles music or even a lamp can change the way your bedroom looks and feels. For the bathroom, keep it clean and smelling great with half a cup of baking soda liquid soap and essential oils like lavender or tea tree. While picking up a bottle of store-bought bathroom cleanser might be easier, the chemical smell after just doesn't leave your bathroom with the spa-like scent or feel.

2. Cleanse your face.
While the hubbies might not be the first people in line for a facial, going for it at home might be easier since they won't have to worry about being seen by friends or even fret about paying for the often pricey treatments.
Keep it simple by washing your face to get rid of the dirt. Exfoliate with a gentle facial scrub. Open up your pores with a washcloth dipped in warm water. Mask it with a clay product or cream product if you or your partner have dry skin. End it by moisturizing for an added spa feel.
All this should make for half an hour of giggles and quality time with your partner. Add in the sliced cucumbers just to make it look official if you want.

3. Remind each other that it isn't a race.
We sometimes rush through Saturday to Sunday, filling it with work chores and events for the kids, and we often end up forgetting about the reason we got married in the first place.

4. Find time for each other.
A Sunday afternoon together while the kids are napping could be spent together relaxing. Plug in your favorite DVD and enjoy an hour or two together with your feet soaking in warm water. For extremely stressful weeks call in a home massage service for both of you.

Remember that relaxation and beating stress at home starts with the food you eat as well. Fruits like apples, bananas, pineapples, and avocados are high in potassium and histidine, which help relieve stress and anxiety. Find ways to add them to your daily diet. The Fresh Garden Cooler from Del Monte Kitchenomics, for example, would be a great start. Happy home spa-ing!