Say Goodbye to Boring Fruit Cocktail Recipes

    Published on Jan 13 2017

    You've probably tasted fruit salad a million times. Not that anyone can ever get tired of eating fruit salad, but it's always good to try new things, right? So why not think out of the box and be more creative in using Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail? Here are several simple recipe ideas on where you can start.

    For ice popsicles
    Beat the heat with these cool and creamy delights that the kids and the rest of your family will surely love! All you need is a popsicle mold, a stick, and a can of Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail. Just let it stay in the freezer overnight and voila! Your instant heat refresher is ready!

    For fruit skewers
    Turn an ordinary weekend gathering into something special by preparing fruit skewers. By using the canned fruit cocktail, you don't have to go through the laborious process of peeling and dicing the fruits.

    For a party cocktail
    Have a blast in preparing your party cocktails by adding canned fruit cocktails with different kinds of beverage. And you can even add the sweet syrup to make your concoction sweeter to the taste. It's also a good idea to prepare a kiddie cocktail version just by adding ice and fruit juice to the fruit mix.

    As food toppings
    Add color and flavor to an ordinary waffle, pancake, or toast by placing fruits as toppings. You can also combine the fruit syrup with the pancake maple syrup to make it into some sort of sweet and tangy creation.

    As a bread extender
    If you're into making bread like loaves and muffins, you can use fruit cocktails as additives instead of the usual dried raisins. You can be more creative by placing the fruits in a pattern on the dough.

    As a one-bite appetizer
    If you're planning a cocktail party then it's a good idea to prepare small appetizers so that the guests will not be encumbered with a plate on their hand while mingling around. For a simple one-bite appetizer, all you need is a long toothpick to skewer a piece of cold cut, cheese and your fruit in this order.

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