Summer Sizzlers

    Published on Jul 28 2016

    While we all love those sizzling platters, we have to admit that sometimes, they're not the healthiest dishes to eat, with the food being a little too greasy. This summer, how about these healthy alternatives in sizzling platter recipes for you to enjoy without worrying about your health?

    1. Use chicken meat instead of the original pork version with fats
    Go for boneless, chicken breasts for your favorite sizzling sisig dish instead of the usual chopped pig's face, cheeks, and ears, just like this Chicken Sisig recipe.

    2. Bring out the skillet
    Put your skillet to good use and get a whole lot of flavor and nutrition in this Skillet Beef Rice when you mix in tender sliced beef, rice, and vegetables for an appetizing meal for you and your family.

    3. New spin on sinigang
    It's a classic dish like you've never had before. Turn your favorite soup dish into a sizzling platter when you make a reduction out of the Del Monte Red Sinigang and pour it over the pork and vegetables.

    4. Love your tuna
    Not in the mood to eat meat or poultry? Turn to seafood for your protein and use it as the main ingredient for your sisig. Cook this Tuna Sisig recipe for a healthier alternative. Not only will you reduce the risk of having high blood pressure from too much cholesterol, you actually get Omega-3 fatty acids from the tuna and are good for the heart.

    So who says you can't enjoy sisig, then? With these simple healthy recipes, you'll be getting flavorful meals without having to worry about your health.