Tips for an Enjoyable Barkada Picnic

    Published on Dec 05 2015

    If you and your barkada have a free Saturday coming up, why not have a barkada picnic? A barkada picnic can be very economical yet enjoyable way to bond with friends. Ayala Triangle Gardens, U.P. Diliman Sunken Garden, and La Mesa Eco Park are all great venues where friends can let loose eat and play games for hours on end. Here are some things that you can do to keep one another entertained:

    Hold a Themed Potluck
    Go all out with food preps. Potato salad, grapes, cheese and crackers, sandwiches, cold cuts, pastries, baked goods, barbecue, burgers, fruit salad, and drinks like Del Monte 100% Pineapple Juice and Del Monte Fit 'n Right are sure to leave everyone's tummies happy and content. To make the barkada picnic more fun for everyone give it a twist by assigning a theme.

    For instance, you can assign a color for the week and everyone has to bring food of that color. You can also use different cuisines such as Mexican Japanese Chinese Persian etc. The one who brings the yummiest or coolest contribution can even get to choose the theme for your next barkada picnic.

    Play games
    Bring a Frisbee, play tag in the field, do truth or dare, or take some classic board games like Scrabble, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, and Guesstures. You can also bring a deck of cards. The important thing is to bring something everyone would enjoy. Can't wait? Why don't you call up your best buds now and get started on your weekend plans? Throw in these suggestions and see who’s game for some great food and a grand time!