Try These Food Hacks for a Great Summer Treat

    Published on Aug 21 2016

    With the summer months rolling in, it's time to bust out the swimwear and sunscreen – or at least the patio chairs, if you're not going to be leaving town. Whatever the case, the food you serve could definitely make or break your sunny days, so use these quick and tasty summer food hacks to make treats at home or cater for beach parties!

    Cool down with a refreshing ice scramble
    Summer is the season of some of the sweetest and ripest fruits around. Toss some Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits in a cup, add some crushed ice, milk, strawberry syrup, mix them all together and you have an incredibly easy (and very healthy) mid-day snack to refresh yourself from the heat.

    Sweeten up the hot days with fruity pops
    Mix your Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail with sago and milk and pour them into an ice drop molder and place upright popsicle sticks in each, then let them freeze overnight. The result will be a cold treat that's perfect for any warm summer day.

    Here's another trick - put fresh fruit slices and herbs into your ice cube trays, then fill them with water. The resulting ice cubes are perfect for infusing a glass of water with a fruity hint.

    Toss up a refreshing salad
    A salad is always a great way to enjoy the summer. Toss together your Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail, crabsticks, lettuce, and serve with a wasabi-mayonnaise mixture to have a spicy and refreshing salad.

    Summerize your pizza
    Cook up this light Hawaiian Pizza recipe and top it off with sweet ham, cheese, and Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits for a refreshing taste that's perfect for the summer!

    What are your favorite food hacks for the summer?