Welcome Home To These Tasty Tomato Treats

    Published on Jul 28 2016

    You might not realize it but your cooking can bring so much comfort and delight to your family. Family favorites are usually slow cooked meals lovingly prepared, patiently simmered in a rich, hearty, and comforting sauce. This labor of love does not have to be reserved for special occasions. With the horrendous gridlock on the roads nowadays, your family needs that extra special touch when they come home.

    Once a week, do indulge your family with these delectable dinner treats worth coming home to. These tomato-based dishes are guaranteed to bring comfort at the end of the day. Every spoonful feeds not just tired bodies but also invigorates the spirit. Each mouthful, savored and enjoyed in the company of the people who matter the most. Now, don’t you want this for your family?

    The satisfaction of seeing your family eating together, reconnecting over the delicious meals that you thoughtfully and lovingly prepared, is priceless.

    Here are some recipe suggestions from Del Monte Kitchenomics:

    Chicken Pochero

    Cheesy Chicken Afritada 

    Classic Menudo with Raisins

    Asado Pot Roast

    Chicken Salpicao