Frequently Asked Questions

    Mayroon ka bang mga katanungan?

    Ang mga sumusunod ay ang mga sagot sa mga tanong na kadalasan naming natatanggap.
    Kung hindi ito nakatulong, mangyaring mag-send sa amin ng e-mail.

    Where are Del Monte products available?
    • Our products are available in local supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, market stalls and sari-sari stores nationwide and on official Del Monte online stores on top marketplaces (e.g. Lazada, Shopee)
    • In supermarkets, our products are usually placedin the sections of Canned Fruits and Vegetables, Juices, Pasta and Sauce, Condiments, and Meal Mixes and Spices.
    Is it safe to consume the products after the Expiry Date?

    Del Monte products are best consumed on or before the expiration date (day/month/year) indicated on the pack/can. Please know that it is not recommended to consume products beyond its expiration date as quality of the product may have already declined after the Expiry Date, beyond our quality promise.

    If not consumed in one seating, how can I best keep the quality of Del Monte products for further use?
    1. For canned and products in SUP (Stand-up Pouch), if not consumed it is best to transfer the product to a plastic or glass container, refrigerate and consume in 2-3 days. Never stored opened canned products in the refrigerator.
    2. For products in tetrapak and PET , there is no need to transfer to another container;, just make sure that the product is closed properly, then refrigerate and consume with-in 2 – 3 days.
    Are Del Monte products HALAL certified?

    All Del Monte products that are manufactured in the Philippines and intended for sale locally are Halal- certified.

    Where can I find the expiration date of your products?

    The expiration date of our products can be found in the ff. areas of the product packaging:

    • Bottles - either on top or side of the bottle cap, above the label on the bottle itself, or back label
    • Tetrapack - on top of the carton
    • SUP – on the right side of the front panel or back label
    • Canned SKUs – at the top or bottom of the can
    How do I ensure the product that I have purchased is of good quality / not defective?

    Best to check the packaging integrity of the product that you are about to purchase. Inspect if there are dents,any signs of leakage or product spillages and check the expiration date of the item as well.If there are observed irregularities, do not buy the product and advise the merchandiser or seller so that it will be taken off the shelf.

    What is the shelf life of Del Monte products?
    1. All our canned SKUs have a shelf life of 24 months (2 years) while our products in Stand-up Pouch (SUPs) have a shelf life of 12 months (1 year).
    2. Our bottled beverages have a shelf life of 12 months.
    Why are your products not available for selling in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Former Soviet Union?

    Del Monte Philippines, Inc. does not have Del Monte trademark rights in countries outside the Philippines, its Del Monte branded products may not be sold or resold outside the Philippines, except through other Del Monte entities most of which are not affiliated to us.

    How do I contact Del Monte in case I have some comments/ feedbacks regarding your products?

    You can contact us at this hotline (632) 8672-7282 or email us at We will greatly appreciate all your questions and comments. These will help us further improve our products and/or processes.