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    Bolognese Recipe (250g)

    Cook up this Italian classic the easy, Del Monte way.

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    Cook up this Italian classic the easy, Del Monte way.
    Bolognese Recipe (250g)

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    Categories : Pasta/Noodles & Rice
    Culture : Filipino
    Tagal ng Paghahanda : 10 min.
    Tagal ng Pagluluto : 18 mins.
    Mga Sangkap:

    • 1/4 cup ng extra virgin olive oil
    • 1/2 cup ng onion, white chopped
    • 1/3 stalk celery, chopped
    • 1/2 cup ng carrot, chopped
    • 250 g beef, ground, lean
    • 1/2 kutsara ng asin
    • 1/4 kutsara ng sugar, white
    • 1/4 kutsarita ng paminta, black
    • 1/3 cup ng white wine
    • 1 pouch DEL MONTE Italian Style Spaghetti Sauce (250g)
    • 1/8 kutsarita ng basil, dried
    • 1 kutsara ng parsley, chopped
    • 1 pack DEL MONTE Spaghetti (175g), cooked
    • 2 kutsara ng parmesan cheese
    1. Sauté onion, celery, and carrot for about 5 minutes.
    2. Add beef then season with salt, sugar, and pepper. Cook until light brown. Stir in wine and simmer for 3 minutes.  
    3. Add DEL MONTE Italian Style Spaghetti Sauce, basil, and parsley. Simmer for 5 minutes over low heat, stirring occasionally.   
    4. Pour over cooked DEL MONTE Spaghetti. Top with parmesan cheese.  

    Kinakailangang kakayahan sa pagluluto
    • Chopping
    • Paggigisa
    • Paghihiwa
    • Stirring
    Kinakailangang gamit sa kusina
    • Chopping Board
    • Spatula
    • Kutsilyo
    • Salaan o Strainer
    • Sauce Pot