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    Spaghetti Recipe

    Cook this kiddie favorite with just a few ingredients!

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    You’ll find Pinoy-style Spaghetti at almost every children’s party. The sweet sauce brings back so many fond memories to many of us and makes us crave for it no matter how old we get! You’ll often find hotdog or ground beef and lots of cheddar cheese in every Filipino Spaghetti recipe. Learn how to cook a quick and easy one from Del Monte Kitchenomics here.
    Spaghetti Recipe

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    Categories : Pasta/Noodles, Beef & Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce
    Culture : Filipino
    Tagal ng Paghahanda : 10 min.
    Tagal ng Pagluluto : 22 mins.
    Serving Size : 9
    Mga Sangkap:

    1. Sauté garlic for 2 minutes.
    2. Add onion and sauté for another 3 minutes or until translucent.
    3. Add ground beef and cook until brown.
    4. Add DEL MONTE Creamy & Cheesy Spaghetti Sauce and let simmer.
    5. Pour over and mix with cooked DEL MONTE Spaghetti.
    Lusog Notes
    Pasta is a good source of carbohydrates that provide energy for the body. This Spaghetti with Ground Beef dish is also rich in protein, which is essential for growth, development and the repair of body tissues.
    Chef`s Tip
    Brown the beef well to develop a richer and meatier taste in the sauce.
    Kinakailangang kakayahan sa pagluluto
    • Browning
    Kinakailangang gamit sa kusina
    • Colander