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    Orange Calamansi Drink Recipe

    Refresh yourself with this citrus-y drink!

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    Orange Calamansi Drink Recipe

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    Categories : Beverage, Fruit & Del Monte Juice
    Tagal ng Paghahanda : 5 min.
    Tagal ng Pagluluto : 5 mins.
    Serving Size : 5
    Mga Sangkap:


    1. Combine all ingredients and mix well. Serve with crushed ice and calamansi slices, if desired.

    Lusog Notes
    This Orange Calamansi Drink beverage is rich in vitamin C that helps fight common infections and aids in healing of wounds.
    Chef`s Tip
    To make a big batch of this drink, heat the sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved then allow the mixture to cool down before adding the rest of the ingredients. Sugar is harder to dissolve with cold liquid especially when making big batches.
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