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    Tutti Fruitti Dessert Recipe

    This light jelly dessert has the fruity goodness of Del Monte!

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    Tutti Fruitti Dessert Recipe

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    Categories : Dessert, Fruit & Del Monte Fruit Cocktail
    Tagal ng Paghahanda : 10 min.
    Tagal ng Pagluluto : 1 hr. and 15 mins.
    Serving Size : 16
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    1. Mix gelatin with reserved fruit cocktail syrup. Heat until gelatin is dissolved. Combine with remaining ingredients except cream and cornflakes. Mix well. Pour into desired mould. Chill until set.
    2. Beat cream until fluffy. Top gelatin with cream and cornflakes.

    Lusog Notes
    Did you know that fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals? Include fruits in your daily meals for healthier and nutritious eating.
    Chef`s Tip
    Always dissolve gelatin in cold liquid first before heating to make sure that the gelatin does not become lumpy.
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